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A number of this Yard looks will be cool in MUT

As somebody who enjoys the playground aspect of Madden 21 coins (or exactly what it was ) that is gonna be trendy. Provided that they dont fuck it up like 2k has. EASHL/FIFA Pro Clubs are in fact way better than 2k's they simply need more attention. I feel like this would not be weird to me if they were wearing street clothes instead of full pads.

Yikes. . .just moving the 2k path and adding another Microtransaction Pipeline for Cosmetics. . .yeah that certain will me bring back to the Game EA... I seem to be the only one with friends because we're all hyped and've been trusting Madden would launch a style similar to eashl from NHL or even myplayer from NBA 2k. Literally the only people complaining about this manner are people with no friends. Anyone who is played eashl or 2k my player manners knows there is nothing greater than to set up with friends and play these type of manners, and they bring that audience, it makes them more money. Yes we all want silly over the top arcade football. Yes this really is sim football. Yes. Outstanding. Very good. Damn I thought it was gonna be like 2k Blacktop where it is possible to pick any player from any group.

So they know the vacation exists. That is very good to know. EA is preparing for a long time where loot boxes are illegal. Yard just sells cosmetics so legislators will let it pass. This is possibly the answer. When I phoned EA at launch asking where my MUT wages were for preordering; once I got my answer and had been attempting to hang the man on the phone was compelling me to try the yard and raving about how it was amazing and so much fun yada yada.

I haven't played it, but your concept seems likely IMO. THe lawn will be liberated to play soon. That is only step 1 advertisements. It will be the flagship mobile mode shortly I'm sure. I discovered streamers on madden live are enjoying lawn over mut. I was thinking that also. A number of this Yard looks will be cool in MUT but overall we need color dash and vintage uniforms in MUT ASAP pls EA. Ya I play it once in awhile with some friends. It can actually be some decent fun if you play with it for what it is and have a goofy moment.

That's the problem imo. As soon as I played BO3 zombies together with my friends, running around like idiots and having a goofy time was like last resort if we were really tired. In Madden when you're already at that point, it shows that it's not taken seriously, they should either put the funds back to MUT and Franchise or wait till they're ready for the yard to be a serious game mode to release it. Don't get me wrong that the lawn is not bad but you need to actually try to have fun with it rather than like Minecraft where you can just jump in and mmoexp mut 21 coins enjoy yourself most of the time.

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